Personal Information

I am a Research Scientist in the Brain-Inspired Computing Lab at Intel Labs. My objective is to advance the field of machine learning through understandings from neuroscience and human behavior. In the past few years, I have been introduced to the brain imaging and systems neuroscience by our academic collaborators. During this period, I learned to analyze fMRI data, to understand neuroscience challenges, and to discover the gaps with the human mind. This has led me to ask a simple question: “Why and how does our brain can process language?”. Currently, my work focuses on neural networks for language processing.

Before Intel Labs, I obtained my Ph.D. at the Department of Computer Science at the Technion in Israel. My Ph.D. dissertation was on Topics in Sparse Representation Modeling and Applications and my advisors were Professor Irad Yavneh and Professor Michael Elad. During my time at the Technion, I collaborated with amazing people such as Eran Treister, Jere Sulam, Yaniv Romano, Lila Schnaiderman, and many others.

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