NIPS 2014 – Accepted!

A few days ago, I’ve received the notification about the acceptance to NIPS 2014 of the work I submitted with my friend and colleague Eran Treister back in June. The NIPS 2014 conference will be held in Montreal, Canada during December 8th and 11th.  Our work is about a new algorithm to solve the Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation problem in high dimensions, such that the memory is a limitation factor. In the work we show that the algorithm is faster than the previous methods in thousands to millions of variables, and that the algorithm is capable of running in a single server with 64GB because of its reduced memory usage.

See you in IEEE Israel 2014

Our work on Sparse Signal Separation for Clutter Reduction in Echocardiography using Off-line Learned Dictionaries was accepted to be presented in IEEE 28th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel. The conference will be held in Eilat during December, 2014. The work is about removing clutter artifacts from ultrasound images using sparse representations, morphological component analysis, and off-line dictionary learning.