NeurIPS 2019 Workshop Submitted

The past year, I have been steering my research to a new fascinating topic: language processing and the brain. Together with Prof. Alex Huth and his PhD student Shailee Jain, we are exploring how the brain processes and utilizes context for language understanding. We come up with the idea to extend our internal discussions to a much broader community that includes researchers from Neuroscience, Linguistics, and Machine Learning. One of the best places where researchers from all these fields congregate is at the NeurIPS conference.

Therefore, we embarked in recruiting an amazing group of people that is both interested in the topic and would love to work together to organize such workshop. A few emails and Emma Strubell, Leila Wehbe, Chris Honey, Tal Linzen, Kyunghyun Cho, and Alan Yuille joined us to the organization. Amazing people and several meetings later, and we submitted our NeurIPS workshop proposal. Let’s see how it goes!